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Premium Evacuation Supplies for Dental Practices

Ensure the efficiency and hygiene of your dental practice with our premium selection of evacuation supplies, available at Shop Linen Plus USA. Our extensive range includes high-quality products from trusted brands like Micrylium, Plasdent, Crosstex, Sable, and Keystone, designed to meet the rigorous demands of modern dental practices.


Our evacuation supplies include:

  1. Saliva Ejectors:

    • Our saliva ejectors, designed for comfort and efficiency, are essential for maintaining a dry working field. Available in various sizes and styles, they ensure effective saliva removal during procedures.
  2. Evacuation System Cleaners:

    • With our reliable cleaners, you can keep your evacuation systems running smoothly. We design these products to dissolve organic debris, preventing clogs and maintaining optimal suction performance.
  3. Saliva Ejector Accessories:

    • Enhance the functionality of your saliva ejectors with our range of accessories, including adapters and connectors, ensuring seamless integration into your dental practice.
  4. HVE Tips:

    • We design our High Volume Evacuator (HVE) tips to efficiently remove fluids and debris. Available in various designs, they ensure optimal performance and patient comfort.
  5. Evacuation Traps:

    • Prevent blockages and protect your evacuation systems. These disposable traps capture debris, ensuring smooth operation and easy maintenance.
  6. Air Water Syringe Tips:

    • Ensure precise delivery of air and water with our durable syringe tips. We have designed these tips to ensure easy attachment and consistent performance.
  7. Surgical Aspirating Tips:

    • Ideal for surgical procedures, our aspirating tips ensure effective removal of fluids and debris. We designed these tips for precision and ease of use.
  8. Disposable Traps:

    • Maintain hygiene and efficiency with our disposable traps. These traps are easy to install and replace, ensuring a clean and effective evacuation system.


Top Brands:


  • Micrylium is known for its innovative dental products, including high-quality evacuation system cleaners that ensure optimal performance and hygiene.

  • Plasdent: Plasdent provides a range of reliable evacuation supplies, including saliva ejectors and HVE tips, designed for efficiency and comfort.

  • Crosstex: Crosstex is a trusted name in dental supplies, offering a comprehensive range of evacuation products that ensure reliable performance.

  • Sable: The precision and durability of Sable's evacuation supplies ensure the effective removal of fluids and debris.

  • Keystone: Keystone provides high-quality evacuation traps and other supplies that ensure the smooth operation of your dental practice.


Why Choose Shop Linen Plus USA:


  • Wholesale Pricing: Take advantage of our competitive wholesale prices for all dental evacuation supplies.

  • Reliable Products: Our selection includes only the most reliable and effective products from trusted brands.

  • Convenient Online Shopping: Easily browse and purchase dental supplies online, with delivery directly to your practice.


At Shop Linen Plus USA, we are committed to providing dental professionals with the highest quality materials and supplies to enhance the efficiency and hygiene of their practice. Browse our extensive catalog of evacuation supplies and experience the reliability and performance of top brands.

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