Restaurant and Banquet Hall Table Linen Ideas



They say the first impression is the last. Whether you are at home or in a public setting, appearance is a dealmaker or breaker.

For example, if you are in a restaurant on a weekend or for a business meeting, why would you go there? Is it the delicious meal, the affordable cost, the staff's flawless hospitality service, the ambiance, or the cleanliness?


The restaurant business does not rely only on the food they serve to the customers. Even with industry experience, a few mistakes can lose customers and damage your reputation. To avoid this, it's important to stay updated on the latest trends in the restaurant industry.

In this blog, we will share creative linen ideas in restaurants and banquet halls to help your business succeed. Take a seat and read along.


Dining Table Linen that sets a tone


  • Theme-based restaurant table linen setting involves choosing appropriate colors and designs that match the restaurant's theme. For example, if your restaurant has a marine theme, using aqua colors for the table linen would be a good choice. For a casual restaurant, the sky is the limit. From our Harmony X 100% cotton momie napkins to our Symphony X commercial tablecloths, we have various options and sizes to choose from.
  • Fine dine restaurant linens are important in a restaurant because they make the dining experience luxurious for guests. Restaurants should prioritize aesthetics and noise reduction. This will allow guests to fully enjoy their meals and engage in interesting conversations at their tables. If you are looking to buy table linens for your restaurant, opt for our Miliken Signature Plus tablecloths as its stitched with the top-quality fabric found in North America. It is known for being durable, stain resistant, and is a catch in the eyes of restaurateurs because of its luxurious look and soft feel.  


Let’s dive deeper into what kind of table linens will speak volumes about your restaurant. 


Custom Table Linens and more


Linen cloth napkins are also the best choice for impressing guests in restaurants, banquet halls, and hotels. The cloth napkins from Linen Plus are available in a range of options. They scream sophistication and panache. We also offer Harmony X Commercial Napkins in 7 colours and in boxes of 12. They come with distinctive features like- minimal Shrinkage, colour retention, stain resistance and absorbency. The fabric fibre content is 7.1 oz. 100% MJS Spun Polyester. 

If you want your dining table to look aesthetic and luxurious, choose Miliken Tablecloth and Napkin because they are versatile, unmatched in quality, and have elegant designs. For more options, visit our website. We will not disappoint.

We've had a detailed discussion about table linen ideas for restaurants. Now, let's talk about what we can do for banquets.


DIY Table Linen Craft

Our Harmony X 100% Cotton Momie Napkins are the simplest forms of table linen. You can be creative and make unique napkin designs out of them to add a unique touch to your space.


Find the Perfect Banquet Table Linen


Tablecloths- If you are looking to start somewhere, opt for soft shades of white such as ivory. To add more sophistication, use accessories like centre pieces and contrasting dinnerware.

Table Runners- They are a statement piece to protect the tablecloth from spillage and stains.  Their versatile functionality makes them an ideal pair with the tablecloth. They fit well on square, rectangular, and round tables and bring a dramatic touch to your linen décor.

Table Skirts: They are versatile pieces of table linens that go well with every event from weddings to formal ones like seminars and conferences because they make the overall appearance gracefully appealing. To add a finishing touch to your table décor, table skirting hits the mark.


Buy Cost-Effective Table Linen in Bulk


With so many options available, it is often confusing to pick the best quality and durable table linens. That’s where we come in.

Linen Plus is a wholesale supplier of Commercial linens in Canada. From Bed, Bath, and Table Linens to hospitality supplies, we have a solution for everyone for a reasonable price. Shop Linen Plus or you can also contact one of our linen experts over email or phone to gather custom solutions for your unique space.