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Premium Endodontic Supplies- Linen Plus USA

Enhance your dental practice with high-quality endodontic supplies from Shop Linen Plus USA. We design our extensive selection of endodontic products to meet the needs of modern dental practices, ensuring precision, reliability, and superior performance. We feature top brands like Diadent, Coltene, Pulpdent, 3M, J. Morita, and Monoject.

Our endodontic supplies include:

  1. EDTA Solution:

    • Our EDTA solutions are essential for root canal procedures because they effectively clean and shape the root canal, ensuring thorough debridement.
  2. Gutta Percha Points:

    • Our gutta percha points come in various sizes and are designed for precise root canal obturation, ensuring a complete and durable seal.
  3. Gates Glidden:

    • Our Gates Glidden instruments, constructed from high-quality materials for reliable performance, are ideal for widening the coronal portion of the root canal.
  4. H-Files:

    • Designed for efficient root canal shaping, our H-Files ensure precise cleaning and shaping of the canal walls.
  5. Posts:

    • Our dental posts provide strong and reliable support for core build-ups and restorations, ensuring long-lasting dental repairs.
  6. K-Files:

    • Our K-Files, designed for flexibility and precision, are essential for initial root canal cleaning and shaping.
  7. Paper Points:

    • Available in various sizes, our paper points are perfect for drying root canals, ensuring a clean and dry environment for endodontic procedures.
  8. Rotary Files:

    • We design our rotary files for efficient and precise root canal shaping, ensuring optimal results in endodontic treatments.
  9. Root Canal Treatment Supplies:

    • We offer a comprehensive range of root canal treatment supplies, including sealers, cements, and more, to ensure successful endodontic procedures.
  10. Sealers and Cements:

    • Our endodontic sealers and cements provide excellent sealing properties and biocompatibility, ensuring long-lasting results.
  11. Syringes:

    • Monoject syringes are essential for delivering irrigants and medications during endodontic procedures, ensuring precision and ease of use.
  12. Barbed Broaches:

    • Our barbed broaches, designed for effective pulp tissue removal, ensure efficient and thorough root canal cleaning.


Top Brands:


  • Diadent is known for their high-quality endodontic supplies and offers reliable products for root canal treatments.

  • Coltene provides innovative endodontic solutions designed for precision and efficiency.

  • Pulpdent: Trusted for superior dental materials, Pulpdent also offers a comprehensive range of endodontic products.

  • 3M is a leader in dental supplies, providing high-quality endodontic materials for reliable performance.

  • J. Morita: The precision and reliability of J. Morita's endodontic products ensure successful procedures.

  • Monoject: Monoject syringes are essential for precise delivery of irrigants and medications during endodontic treatments.


Why Choose Shop Linen Plus USA

  • Wholesale Pricing: Take advantage of our competitive wholesale prices on all endodontic supplies.

  • Reliable Products: Our selection includes only the most reliable and effective products from trusted brands.

  • Convenient Online Shopping: Easily browse and purchase endodontic supplies online, with delivery directly to your practice.

We at Shop Linen Plus USA are committed to supplying dental professionals with top-notch materials and supplies to boost the success of their endodontic procedures. Browse our extensive catalog of endodontic supplies and experience the reliability and performance of top brands.

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