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Sodium Bicarbonate Injection USP 8.4% 50ml(L0010250)

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The Sodium Bicarbonate Injection (USP 8.4%, 50 mL) is a sterile, non-pyrogenic solution designed for intravenous use. This product is formulated to provide immediate relief in cases of metabolic acidosis and certain drug intoxications. It is also used to increase urine pH in patients undergoing chemotherapy and to treat severe diarrhea.




  • Active Ingredient: Sodium Bicarbonate

  • Concentration: 8.4%

  • Volume: 50 ml per bottle

  • Form: Injectable solution

  • Usage: Intravenous administration

  • Sterility: Sterile and non-pyrogenic

  • pH: Alkaline

  • Osmolarity: hypertonic solution

  • Packaging: single-use bottle

  • Storage: Store at controlled room temperature (20–25 °C / 68–77 °F).

  • Shelf Life: Check the expiration date on the package.


This sodium bicarbonate injection is essential in various emergency medical settings, providing rapid correction of acid-base imbalances. It is highly reliable and prepared under stringent quality controls to ensure safety and efficacy for patients.



Omega Laboratories is a leading pharmaceutical manufacturer dedicated to producing high-quality medications and medical supplies. Established with a commitment to innovation, safety, and excellence, Omega Laboratories has become a trusted name in the healthcare industry, providing reliable products to healthcare professionals and patients worldwide.



  • Founded: 1958

  • Headquarters: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

  • Industry: Pharmaceutical manufacturing

  • Key Products: Sterile injectables, tablets, capsules, and oral solutions

  • Certifications: GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), ISO 9001


Commitment to Quality:

Omega Laboratories adheres to stringent quality control standards, ensuring that all products meet or exceed regulatory requirements. Their facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, and they employ rigorous testing protocols to guarantee the safety, efficacy, and reliability of their pharmaceutical products.


Innovation and Research:

Omega Laboratories invests heavily in research and development to stay at the forefront of medical advancements. Their R&D team works tirelessly to develop new formulations and improve existing products, addressing the evolving needs of the healthcare industry.


Product Range:

Omega Laboratories offers a wide range of pharmaceutical products, including:

  • Sterile Injectables: High-quality injectable medications for various medical conditions

  • Tablets and capsules: Oral medications for a variety of therapeutic areas

  • Oral Solutions: Liquid formulations for ease of administration

  • Custom Compounding: Tailored medications to meet specific patient needs


Global Presence:

Omega Laboratories has a strong global presence and distributes its products to numerous countries around the world. They maintain strategic partnerships with healthcare providers, pharmacies, and distributors to ensure their products are widely available and accessible.


Customer Focus:

Omega Laboratories places a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction, providing comprehensive support and services to healthcare professionals. Their customer service team is dedicated to assisting clients with product information, order processing, and technical support.



Committed to sustainability, Omega Laboratories implements eco-friendly practices in their manufacturing processes. They prioritize reducing their environmental footprint by utilizing green technologies and promoting responsible waste management.






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