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Cidex OPA High Level Disinfectant 4L

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Mfr. P/N: 20394
Cidex OPA High Level Disinfectant 4L   

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Cidex OPA High Level Disinfectant 4L 


Since its inception in 1999, CIDEX® OPA Solution has been utilized by numerous healthcare facilities worldwide on a daily basis for the safe high-level disinfection of instruments, flexible endoscopes, and other medical devices. As the industry standard for instrument reprocessing, CIDEX® OPA Solution is the time-tested disinfectant you can turn to for rapid, reliable results. CIDEX OPA Solution provides a broad-spectrum activity against bacteria, mycobacteria, viruses and fungi. CIDEX OPA Solution is intended for use in manual (bucket and tray) systems made from polypropylene, acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS),polyethylene, glass-filled polypropylene and/or polycarbonate plastics. CIDEX OPA Solution may also be used in automated endoscope reprocessors according to the manufacturer’s instructions and should be monitored with CIDEX OPA Solution Test Strips.

Key Features:


  • Glutaraldehyde-free: Non-carcinogenic and effective against glutaraldehyde-resistant mycobacteria.

  • Effective: Achieves high-level disinfection in 5 minutes at 20°C.

  • Fast-acting: Enables rapid turnaround of reprocessed instruments.

  • Long-lasting efficacy: Reusable for up to 14 days when monitored with CIDEX® OPA Test Strips.

  • Easy-to-use: Solution with low odor - requires no activation or mixing.

  • Safe for healthcare professionals: Low vapor pressure minimizes inhalation exposure risk, and the ready-to-use solution reduces handling.

CIDEX® OPA Solution demonstrates broad-spectrum activity against bacteria, mycobacteria, viruses, and fungi. Additionally, it offers excellent compatibility with various materials, allowing for disinfection of medical instruments made of aluminum, brass, copper, stainless steel, plastics, elastomers, and dental materials.


Usage Information:

- Use-Life: Up to 14 days
- Shelf-Life: 24 months
- Storage Information: 15-30°C
- Open Bottle Shelf Life: 75 days




Test Strips:

CIDEX® Test Strips provide a rapid and straightforward measure of the minimum effective concentration (MEC), facilitating optimal reuse of CIDEX® Activated Glutaraldehyde Solution and CIDEX® OPA Solution.

Prior to each usage, the appropriate CIDEX® Test Strip should be employed to verify the minimum effective concentration (MEC) required for high-level disinfection, ensuring efficient destruction of microorganisms by each CIDEX® Solution.






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