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Wholesale Sheets & Pillowcases | Linen Plus

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Linen Plus is home to one of the most reputed names in the hospitality and healthcare industry. Our vast collection of wholesale hotel supplies from the best brands in the industry sets us apart from all our competitors. Linen Plus has everything you need to revamp your hotel or motel earn 5-star ratings from your guests. 

Experience The Comfort Of Our Hotel Sheets And Pillowcases Collection!

If you ask any hotel guest about the highlight of their stay, the hotel bed is the first thing that will come to their mind. Anyone from the hospitality business can verify this. The hotel bed is undoubtedly the most important part of a hotel stay. After all, it's the one thing that guests are looking forward to at the end of a long and tiring day; to get a comfortable night's sleep. To ensure this, your hotel beddings and pillows must be premium in quality to enhance the sleep experience of your guests. 

Linen Plus is proud to present an exclusive collection of luxury hotel bedding supplies to ensure that you provide a memorable hotel stay experience for your guests. Our exclusive hotel sheets and pillowcases collection is a classic combination of luxury and comfort. We offer an impressive range of DownLite Pillows, Feather down pillows, chamber pillows, gusset pillows, and more. Our wholesale hotel pillowcases are designed to match the aesthetics of any hotel or motel. Whether your design style is vintage, modern, conventional, or contemporary, we have something for everyone.

Best-Selling Wholesale Hotel Pillowcases At Linen Plus

Pillows are the focal point of all hotel beds, and as the famous saying goes, 'the more, the merrier. Having ultra-soft and comfortable pillowcases is essential to ensure that your guests enjoy their stay throughout. Our wholesale hotel pillowcases collection is made of the finest quality material designed to protect and increase the lifespan of your hotel pillows.

Our hotel sheets and pillowcases will add a touch of luxury to your hotel bedrooms. Whether you are looking for a queen, king, or full size products, Linen Plus has it all. All our hotel sheets and pillowcases are made using a premium quality cotton and polyester materials that is hypoallergenic and dust resistant. Now you can enjoy a comfortable night's sleep without any snoozes or hiccups on between. The microfiber fabric offers a velvety soft touch and provides an ultra-luxurious sleep.

Linen Plus takes pride in setting an industry benchmark in hospitality goods supplies. Especially when it comes to wholesale hotel beddings, no one can match us in quality. 

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